Đề cương môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 8

III. Give the correct tense/ form of the verbs in the brackets (1pt)

1. Your poem (should/ write)________________________in English.

2. The Eiffel Tower is in Paris. It (visit) _____________by millions of people every year.

3. An interesting book (read) _________________by Lan at the moment.

4. A new textbook (publish) ________________next month.

IV. Fill in the blanks with the right form of words in the box (1pt)

Although     bought     holiday      24 December          preparations           

        Christmas is the biggest (1) _____________of the year in most of Britain. Celebrations start on (2) _____________, Christmas Eve, (3) _____________ there have been several weeks of (4)

_______________beforehand. The Christmas trees, presents, food, drinks and decorations have been bought.

V. Read the passage carefully and do the tasks (2 pts)

 Mrs. Robinson: John, I want you to go to the flower market for me, please.

Mr. Robinson: What do I have to buy?

Mrs. Robinson: Some peach blossoms and a bunch of marigolds, because they are traditional at Tet.

Mr. Robinson: Anything else?

Mrs. Robinson: No, but I need Liz to do a few things.

Liz: What is that, mom?

Mrs. Robinson: Go to the market and pick up some candies and one packet of dried watermelon seeds, please.

Liz: What are you going to do?

Mrs. Robinson: I'm going to Mrs. Nga. She's going to show me how to make spring rolls.

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Đề cương môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 8
I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. (1 point)
1. A. river
B. pottery
C. plumber
D. fetch
2. A. husk
B. urge
C. rub
D. jump
3. A. council
B. about
C. without
D. thoughout
4. A. design
B. custom
C. saint
D. description
II. Circle the best option A, B, C, or D to complete each sentence. (2 points)
1. A contest in which participants have to fetch water from the river is called ________contest.
 A. water-fetch
B. fetching-water
D. fetch-water
2. They tried to make a fire by _______pieces of bamboo together.
 A. adding
B. separating
C. taking
D. rubbing
3. Christmas songs _________everywhere.
 A. perform
B. are performing
C. are performed 
D. performs
4. Phong is fond ______ historical books.
 A. in
B. on
C. of 
D. at
5. She asked her students _________all the homework.
 A. do
B. to do
C. doing
D. did
6. Viet Nam is a ________country.
 A. rice- exporting
B. rice- exported
C. exp...________________________
VI. Rewrite the following sentences so that the second sentence means the same as the first one (1pt)
They have just built a new hospital near my house.
à A new hospital _____________________________________________
" I'm living in Bac Giang now" Hoa said.
 àHoa said___________________________________________________
VII. Reorder sentences (1pt)
inviting/ Thanks for/ me/ to/ rice-cooking/ the/ festival.
He/ faster/ his teammate/ to run/ urged.
VIII. You have ever had the opportunity to take part in a festival at your hometown with family or at school with friends. Write a report about a festival you have joined recently.(1 pt) 
The end

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