Bộ 10 đề thi Học kì I môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 8 thí điểm Năm học 2020- 2021

My favorite leisure activity is listening to music.(l)   , listening to music not only helps me relax but also

provides me with musical knowledge. I (2) like the time that I can lie lazily in bed, put on the small

earphone with my iPod and enjoy any favorite songs of many kinds of music: pop, hip-hop, rock or jazz. I like pop
music very much because I think it is gentle and suitable for teenagers. I listen to rock music when I am sad and
after that I feel cheerful and happy. (3)    music from other countries is also good for teenagers to

understand other cultures. (4)______________________ that, the lyrics are easy to understand and interesting. (5)____________ , it can

improve my English and listening skills. (6)   . music is an important part of my life and it helps me love my

life more.

2.   Read the passage and answer these questions below. (Ipoint)

After retiring, my uncle - a lover of the sea- took up a strange leisure activity : he spends most mornings at the
beach, looking for things that the sea sends ashore. He says: It's a multi-beneficial leisure activity. I can get some
exercise, blending, picking up, and walking. I can breathe die fresh air and enjoy the vastness and quietness of the
sea. Sometimes I watch the children playing beach games and I feel years younger. At the same time, I can also clean
the beach. It’s volunteer work, isn’t it? Many of the tilings I pick up from the beach are still useful to someone. 1 clean
them and sell them at the Sunday flea market in the town nearby. Do you know of any leisure activity that pays? Mine

1. When did the writer's take up this strange activity?

2. Which part of the day does he go to the beach?

3.   How does he feel watching the children playing beach games?

4.   What kind of volunteer work does he do?

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